Barossa Career Service

4th Jun

The Barossa Career Service aims to help people enhance their career opportunities by providing a...

New Website Opens Doors To Northern Connector Jobs

3rd Aug

A new website has been launched linking jobseekers to vacancies on the $985 million Northern Connect...

Career studies and advice: start early or don't start at all

8th May

The unemployment rate for 15 to 19-year-olds is currently 20.1% in Australia. This is over three tim...

Employment Made Easy

13th Apr

Looking to work on a dairy farm?   employment Made easy (eMe) is a free website which pro...

Forklift Experience Courses

4th Jul

Regional Transport Training Services is offering FORKLIFT EXPERIENCE COURSES Designed for t...

Restart Programme

3rd Sep

There are programmes and incentives that encourage employers to take on mature age people. From 1...

Adult Community Education

16th Sep

Get help to improve your reading, writing and number skills. You can also learn skills for further t...

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